What is OpenCloudCX?

OpenCloudCX represents a new frontier in AI-based multi-cloud deployments that provides built-in security, standardized deployments, and predicts how operations will perform.

Built-in Deployment Best Practices

Create and deploy immutable images for faster rollouts, easier rollbacks, and the elimination of hard to debug configuration drift issues. Leverage an immutable infrastructure in the cloud with built-in deployment strategies such as red/black and canary deployments.


Evolve your software delivery with OpenCloudCX that provides a single-pane of glass view into your software delivery processes to ensure optimal performance of deployment pipelines so you can innovate faster with intelligent deployments..



Few Outages
1-3 Manual Steps
Hours to Deploy
10-20 Deployments/Month

Multi-Cloud DevSecOps


Minimal Outages
0 Manual Steps
Minutes to Deploy
100+ Deployments/Month
Continuous Development

Immune System Deployments

Machine-Learning Powered Anomaly Detection

Rare Outages
0 Manual Steps
Minutes to Deploy
1000+ Deployments/Month

Continuous Everything

Our continuous everything approach coupled with our deep learning neural networks we are able to turn your multi-cloud deployments into an Enterprise Immune Deployment System.

Monitoring Every Aspect of the Deployment

With the integration of Hygieia we are able to provide enables senior leadership at your organization to understand the DevSecOps state of maturity and risk across a wide range of product portfolios.

Ability to view on any platform

Our responsive design always the user to view on mobile, tablet or computers.

Product Reviews

See what people are saying about OpenCloudCX.

“ Our IT department has been able to improve deployment efficiencies over 250%. “

Best Purchase

“ We used OpenCloudCX when we were a startup and now we scale in multiple clouds and are able to reduce cost savings by over 270% compared to being locked in with one vendor. “

Reduce Lock In

“ The immune deployment system gives us real insight into predictability of our builds . We are able to perform fixes on code branches before our customers even run into issues. “

A practical DevSecOps monitoring tool

Keep your apps safe with our built in security.

OpenCloudCX has multiple options for both authentication and authorization. Instead of reinventing yet-another-login system, Spinnaker hooks into a login system your organization probably already has, such as OAuth 2.0, SAML, or LDAP.

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